One of the most important activities when visiting another country is exchanging money. As foreign exchange in countries usually easy to execute; however, choosing the right place for money exchange may be crucial to save up your exchange or ensure the legality status of received amount. That’s why many people choose airport currency exchange but many disagree, as the charging fees may higher. 

Converting money at the airport has been a fussy discussion since many may not choose this service because of stuffs in airport may be overpriced. To clarify, let’s Liberty Currency Exchange help you decide whether or not you should exchange currency at the airport.

How foreign exchange works

The exchange of one currency for another is known as foreign exchange, commonly referred to as forex or currency exchange. Due to the fact that it enables you to pay for products and services in a foreign country, it is a crucial component of international travel and trade. You are effectively purchasing one currency and selling another when you exchange money. The cost of exchanging one currency for another is known as the exchange rate. Currency rates are continuously changing and are affected by a variety of variables, including interest rates, market mood, and the state of the economy and politics.

How foreign exchange works in today concept

You may exchange currencies through a number of different methods, including banks, exchange bureaus or exchange at the airport. When choosing a channel, it’s crucial to examine your alternatives because each one may have different exchange rates and costs.You normally pay a charge or commission for the service when you convert money. For specific sorts of transactions, like using a credit card or exchanging a sizable sum of money, some providers could additionally tack on extra costs, or in some specific places such as airport may has higher chance for higher fees.

Airport currency exchange overview

The process of exchanging currency at an airport typically involves locating a currency exchange booth or kiosk, filling out a currency exchange form, presenting identification documents, and handing over the currency to be exchanged. Exchange providers at airports generally accept cash, traveler’s checks, and credit cards. Once the exchange is complete, the traveler will receive the local currency in exchange for their home currency.

Exchange rates at airports can vary depending on the exchange provider and the time of the exchange. Exchange fees may also increase, which could range from flat fees to percentage-based fees. The fees for airport currency exchange can be higher than those charged by local banks and exchange bureaus. Travelers should, therefore, check the exchange rates and fees at different airport exchange providers before making a decision.

Money exchange at airport benefits and drawbacks

Convenience is the main benefit of airport currency exchange. For tourists who require local money for quick needs, it is a readily accessible service. Also, to serve visitors who arrive or depart outside of usual business hours, airport currency exchange booths sometimes offer extended operation hours.

The changing of currencies at airports is not without drawbacks, though. First off, compared to other exchange choices in the city, airport currency exchange providers often provide less advantageous exchange rates. Furthermore, these companies may impose additional fees or commissions on top of the exchange rate, which can add up to a significant expense for the traveler.

Exchanging money at the airport has it own pros and cons

Where to get better rates

Consider other choices if you don’t want to pay the increased costs at the airport currency exchange. Outside of the airport, local banks and local exchange service frequently provide more favorable exchange rates and reduced costs. Also, it may be advantageous to use a credit or debit card to make transactions in the local currency. In Cambodia, if you looking for the best exchange rates and reliable service, Liberty Exchange is an excellent choice for you prior to exchanging in this country.

Liberty Exchange is a fintech entity providing money exchange service online and offline in Cambodia, with local exchange agents at Phnom Penh, Bavet – Moc Bai, Sihanoukville; we also have a branch in Kochi, India.

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Although we located in Cambodia, our service is not just limited to this region; with Liberty App – A cutting-edge platform that allow customers to exchange online easily, supporting 14 countries and 15 currencies (including USDT). By using Liberty App, you don’t have to concern about finding reliable local exchange and searching for brick and mortar exchange stores, just open our app and make transaction then you ready to go!

Additionally, exchange stall inside the airport may be more expensive than usual; however, exchange shops outside, near or opposite the airport are not. For saving, you can try go outside the airport to look for exchange shops. It is optimal to search for nearby exchange locations to avoid looking for the exchange stall. If you go to Cambodia, arrived at Phnom Penh airport, you can go to our exchange agent opposite the airport, at 1B Russian Federation Blvd (110), Phnom Penh.

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Exchange near Phnom Penh Airport

Experience from a traveler

Along with these instances, many tourists, who was Liberty Exchange’s customers, have voiced conflicting opinions on the currency exchange at airports. For instance, some visitors have claimed that the expenses associated with currency conversion at airports were greater than what they would have paid at a local bank or exchange provider. Several others complained that the exchange rates they got at the airport were not as good as they had hoped, especially when compared to rates they might have gotten elsewhere.

Also, several visitors have complained about inconsistent customer service at airport currency exchange counters. Others have complained about lengthy wait periods and unfriendly service, despite some travelers reporting polite and helpful staff who helped them with the exchange procedure.

True experience while exchanging at the airport

One passenger described an especially unpleasant encounter at a South American airport money exchange counter. The traveler needed to convert a sizable sum of money, and the exchange rate that was given to him appeared fair. After making the purchase, the tourist discovered that the exchange rate they obtained was far less than the going market rate, incurring a sizable loss. On the other side, a different visitor from Australia reported having a good experience at a money exchange booth. The tourist obtained a reasonable exchange rate, was able to convert money swiftly and simply, and paid no additional expenses.

Overall, travelers’ experiences with airport currency exchange generally range greatly, so it is crucial for them to compare exchange rates and costs among different choices before choosing one. Airport currency exchange is often quick and easy, but it may not always be the most economical or reliable choice.