Science and technology are gradually becoming increasingly important in the advancement of humanity. Acknowledge this, in the middle of 2022, Liberty – a reputable foreign currency conversion corporate, began implementing a strategy to develop a mobile application for foreign currency conversion into action. The goal is to help customers easily access Liberty’s trustful international currency conversion service easily, quickly, and conveniently.

Liberty’s currency conversion service has various outstanding advantages.

After nearly 6 months of research and development, on December 12, 2022, Liberty officially launched the Liberty Exchange & Transfer App on the market. The application is compatible with various built-in features and promises to assist users in saving time and effort when converting foreign currencies in the future.

This application integrates 4 languages: English, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Khmer, in order to help customers overcome the language barrier that many traditional transactions frequently face. After completing a simple registration step, the customer will need to enter some required information, give the QR code and pay cash to the teller. The customer will then successfully make a transaction at Liberty.

Liberty’s transaction process

Furthermore, Liberty Exchange & Transfer app also integrates the Exchange gifts section to convert L-Points after completing each transaction exclusively for loyal customers. L-Points can be exchanged for cash or valuable gifts.

In addition, Liberty has such an intuitive interface, easy to use, and is convenient for looking up the up-to-date exchange rate. The Liberty currency exchange application also offers strong security measures, including a multi-layered security fence and encryption of all transactions, ensuring customers feel assured when converting foreign currencies.

The enthusiastic Information Technology team of Liberty 

As information technology is gradually playing a significant role in human life, it is essential for businesses to grasp and develop with the progress of society. Investing in and developing the Liberty currency exchange application is a crucial step towards our commitment to transform, adapt, and grow, with the goal of providing outstanding service to our clients.

Cambodia’s energetic, motivated, and skilled team is actively working to enhance the app, and utilize science and technology in the product to improve the user experience in the field of foreign currency conversion.

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