Cambodia, in Southeast Asia, has a fast rising economy with a strong emphasis on tourism. As a result, foreign passengers must have access to dependable currency exchange facilities, and the most wondered question could be “where’s currency exchange services near me”? This article will notify you about the nearest exchange service in Cambodia for your convenient trip in this country. 

Exchanging currency may not a big deal for people had come to Cambodia; however for new travelers to Cambodia, it is hard to choose reliable service provider. You will not worry anymore after reading this post.

Most commonly exchanged currencies

Cambodia is growing increasingly popular with tourists from all around the world. As a result, foreign passengers must have access to dependable currency exchange facilities. The Cambodian Riel (KHR) is the country’s official currency and the major currency utilized in daily transactions. The US dollar (USD), on the other hand, is widely recognized throughout the nation and is frequently favored by foreign tourists due to its stability and ease of usage.

The US dollar is generally recognized in Cambodia because it is seen as a stable currency. The US dollar is acknowledged as a worldwide currency, with a reasonably steady value in comparison to other currencies. Because of its steadiness, it is an appealing currency to own, particularly in places where the domestic currency is volatile.

Most common currencies in Cambodia

Most common currencies in Cambodia

While the Cambodian Riel is the legal currency of Cambodia, many tourists prefer the US dollar due to its stability and convenience of usage. The Euro, British Pound, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, and Japanese Yen are all regularly traded in Cambodia. While visiting Cambodia, it is essential to be informed of the various currency exchange choices, and to select reputable currency exchange firms that provide fair exchange rates.

Why do exchange rates vary?

The exchange rate is the value of one currency in relation to another. Exchange rates can be affected by several factors, including supply and demand, inflation rates, political stability, and interest rates. In Cambodia, the exchange rate of the Cambodian Riel is mostly dependent on the US dollar.

As Cambodia’s economy continues to grow, the exchange rate may become more stable and less dependent on the US dollar. Additionally, the country’s government has implemented policies to regulate the currency exchange industry and prevent fraud and scams.

Money exchange near me in Cambodia

If you need a currency exchange service near you while in Phnom Penh, Bavet, Sihanouk,… Liberty Exchange agents are excellent choices. We offer a reliable, efficient, and convenient service that is sure to meet your needs. With 4 locations throughout the country and competitive exchange rates, Liberty Exchange is a top currency exchange service in Cambodia.

Liberty Exchange offline agents in Cambodia:

  • In Bavet: D117, Bavet Kandal, Bavet, Cambodia
  • In Phnom Penh: 14 Samdech Hun Sen Street, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • In Phnom Penh (Headquarters): 8th Fl., Block B, KINGS VIEW OFFICE BUILDING, St Keo Chenda, Phum 3, Sangkat Chhroy Chongva, Khan Chhroy Changva, Phnom Penh (from 8am – 5pm)
  • In Phnom Penh (Opposite AirPort): 1B Russian Federation Blvd (110), Phnom Penh

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Except our headquarters address in Phnom Penh, the others are available from 10am – 10pm, Monday to Sunday.

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Liberty App – Money exchange service right in your pocket

Worry about “24 hour currency exchange near me?”, it is no longer a concern with Liberty App from Liberty Exchange.

The software is designed to function with a variety of built-in capabilities and promises users that it will save them time and effort in the future when converting foreign currencies.

Exchange currency near you - right in your pocket

Exchange currency near you – right in your pocket

To assist clients who regularly face language hurdles while doing traditional transactions, the application includes four languages: English, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Khmer. Customers must first complete a basic registration procedure, supply some relevant information, produce the QR code, and pay the cash to the teller to perform a transaction at Liberty.

Furthermore, the Liberty Exchange & Transfer app has an Exchange Gifts area, which allows loyal customers to convert their L-Points into cash or valued items after each transaction.

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